01. How do I Sign Up?

Visit our Homepage and Subscribe by simply following the online steps.

02. Do you take anything?

We accept items in good, perfect, not stained and not damaged condition.
We are taking any label items – RETOLD will help find new homes for all High-street brands, Vintage, Designer and Luxury labels!

We STRICTLY DO NOT accept any fake goods of any kinds – only authentic items!

03. Do I have to be a certain size?

Absolutely not! We sell on behalf of anyone no matter your shape, size, or taste – we embrace it all! We always endeavor to have a range of all sizes available to our customers.

04. How can I sell my items to RETOLD?

Note that we can only buy your garments, not the memories shaped with them! If you value your memories, we can only advise you to keep them safely aside before parting from your clothes with us.

Our weekly submission of Designer, Highstreet and Vintage items is in our shop in Al Ghurair, from 10am till 5pm every Monday & Tuesday! Please note these submissions are only store credit based with the credit validity of one month after the submission day.

If you wish to sell your items for CASH and STORE CREDIT, we are organizing submission days for that and we can offer for Highstreet brands Cash amount starting from 2 Dhs to 20 Dhs per piece depending on the condition, however, or we can also offer you Store Credit to use in our Shops, amounting in this case from 8 Dhs to 30 Dhs per piece. If your items are Designer Labels or Vintage, we can offer Cash amounts or Store Credits by contacting RETOLD Team via email address info@shopretold.com or visiting store in Al Quoz directly to get an offer.

05. I’m leaving the country and have loads of items, can you help?!

Yes!!! Please do email us and we will help you get through the mammoth task of getting rid of what you’re not taking with you. We can also declutter your wardrobe and even contribute the items not suitable for resale to our charity partners.

06. Do you accept items on consignment?

No, unfortunately we don’t accept items on consignment at the moment.

07. Can I contribute any of my unsold items to charity?

Yes, you can. We collaborate with a charity organization @crhopefoundation and we would be very happy to organize this on your behalf, for the benefit those in need.

08. Can I use Store Credit in your shop and how long is it valid?

Yes of course! Store Credit earned in our shop remain valid for 1 month.

09. Are you delivering your items worldwide?

At the moment we are only delivering items within UAE, but very soon we will start our shipments worldwide as well. Exceptions at the moment we can do for our Serbian and Greek customers and the items can be delivered after contacting us directly on the email address sales@shopretold.com for full details.

10. Can I return the item I bought online?

Yes, you can of course, upon notifying us within 36 hours of reception. We will then need the items to be returned but we do not refund purchases, you will be credited of the full purchase value of returned items, available to use again with us within 3 months, online or in one of our physical stores, as you prefer.