About Us

Shop RETOLD is UAE’s biggest treasure trove for accessible pre-owned fashion.

Our Founder, Sian Rowlands, pioneered sustainable fashion in Dubai ten years ago, aiming to educate the region about the negative impacts the fashion industry often has on the environment. Today RETOLD is a favorite sustainable pre-owned fashion destination, providing second homes for unwanted perfect condition fashion, offering the best of brands from High-street through Designer and Luxury labels, some even with their original labels attached. We have a beautiful 3,000sqft store in Dubai (Al Quoz area) and another one in Al Ghurair Centre (ground floor). We didn’t stop just there! At the very beginning of this year, we also opened a wonderful store in Arachova (Greece) with the desire to share our enthusiasm outside UAE. In all our stores shoppers can try on and buy from a huge selection of gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags, kid’s clothes, vintage items, accessories and even jewelry.


The story behind Retold is “Giving Clothes a Second Chance at Happiness”. Beautiful clothes were meant to be worn, not hidden away in the back of people’s closets. We want to help retell their story and to emphasize that it doesn’t have to be new to be amazing. We want to make the world a better place by changing the way society consumes fashion. By offering this alternative, as our business does, we are reducing waste and pollution, helping those who need and saving our amazing and unique planet Earth, our only home. That’s also the reason why we are exclusively choosing to collaborate with companies that have the same goals as we do.


We have recently re-launched our online store, which is carrying its own dedicated collection. We carry over 10 000 items at any time with hundreds of new products made available each week and aim to make many of these available to our customers globally.


By shopping at RETOLD, you can:

  • shop ethically and sustainably
  • reduce waste
  • acquire good quality for less
  • save money
  • explore your style
  • unleash your creativity
  • express yourself uniquely
  • meet and bond with other like-minded people
  • change your perspective of life
  • learn to recognize priorities