Cyra Joy Roshelle Ednave

Posted on 14.09.2023.

“The quality of the items available was remarkable. Despite being pre-loved, the clothing was in excellent condition, showcasing the durability and craftsmanship of bygone eras. I found unique designer pieces, intricately embroidered blouses, and delicate accessories that added a touch of elegance to my wardrobe. It was a delight to know that I could find one-of-a-kind items without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.
The staff at this thrift store were knowledgeable and passionate about their offerings. They provided valuable insights on different styles, and trends, making the shopping experience both educational and enjoyable. Their genuine enthusiasm for vintage fashion and decor added to the overall charm of the store.
Another commendable aspect of this thrift store was its commitment to sustainability. By embracing the concept of reusing and repurposing, the store played a vital role in reducing waste and promoting an eco-friendlier approach to fashion. It felt empowering to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle while indulging in my aesthetic preferences.
Overall, my experience at Retold was nothing short of magical. It blended the best of the past with the allure of the present, offering a treasure trove of aesthetically pleasing items. The combination of impeccable style, exceptional quality, and a commitment to sustainability made it a standout destination for any aesthetic enthusiast. If you’re seeking a shopping experience that is both visually enchanting and environmentally conscious, this aesthetic thrift store is an absolute must-visit.”